About Us:
Letter from the President

Established in 1961,Ray Lindsey Company is a team of environmental professionals serving the Midwest with energy efficient, cost-effective environmental solutions.  On a more personal note, we’re fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.  We’re active in the community, and we’re concerned about our neighbors and the environment.  Ray Lindsey Company is an agency of Midwesterners.  We’re proud of our Midwestern heritage, values, and work ethic; and we’re proud to serve you.

Welcome to Ray Lindsey Company

Welcome!  Ray Lindsey Company serves clients and the environment by partnering with the very best manufacturers in the water and wastewater industry.  Our purpose is to make your job easier, to solve problems and to help with solutions to your biggest challenges.

Founded in 1961, we have provided targeted, environmental solutions for more than 50 years.  We are proud to serve the Midwest, and honored to be a leader in environmental protection in the heartland.  Our experience and expertise is among the top in the industry.  We welcome you to take advantage of it.

In general, we focus on pumps and pumping systems, water and wastewater treatment, chemical feed systems, tertiary and alternative treatment systems, air handling and odor control, and a wide variety of ancillary equipment.  We are a complete solutions provider.

 Solutions We Offer Include:

Equipment sales, but even more, we offer consultative services for equipment sizing, selection and environmental solutions

Parts and retrofit service for pumps, treatment equipment, air handling, chemical feed and UV disinfection systems

Equipment troubleshooting and repair

Installation of new equipment

Experience, expertise and a commitment to make your job easier

More Than Just Water

From an environmental perspective, Ray Lindsey Company is moving toward green technology. This means providing energy efficient equipment and consuming less power.  It means delivering systems that pump energy back into the grid.  We’re driving toward environmentally conscious solutions.

At Ray Lindsey Company, we don’t go into a project just to sell equipment, but to provide a sustainable solution that reduces waste and produces the greatest environmental benefit. We look forward to talking with you today about how we can help you achieve your project goals.


Joe Maris